Who am i this time

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  • Published: February 1, 2008
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Who are they now? In 'who am I this time', I believe the author is try to tell the story of how two wandering souls had found each other through the strangest of circumstances. The two main characters Harry Nash and Helene Shaw both have trouble communicating with other people. They have a hard time dealing with society and they can not handle personal relationships very well. These two main characters are both wanders in life that had never known love before they met each other. It wasn't even obvious to each other when they first met. They both lack positive self-images and as a result they both need direction in life. These are some of the reasons that these two rather odd characters are perfect for each other.

Harry and Helene are each, in their own ways, wanders of life. They seem to keep moving aimlessly through their days. It's the same boring routine every day; there is no excitement in their lives. They seem to avoid doing anything new because they are complacent in their narrow views of reality. They only feel comfortable with each other. Harry roams in and out of acting rolls and Helene wanders from city to city. They are never able to sit still long enough to decide who they are. Once they are done with a job, it is on to the next, with a chance of finding themselves anew. Harry would always leave right after he was done acting. Before anyone could tell he would wander off. He would never stay long enough for the cast parties partly because he couldn't take praise very well and he didn't feel comfortable around his peers. He would just drift off. They did not feel comfortable in any one situation for an extended period of time.

Perhaps a good reason for this might be that they lack positive self-images. It is because of your ego that people act the way they do. Harry and Helene are very quiet individuals. They are not the least outspoken. They are hermits in modern society, as recluse as they can be. "He never could think of anything to say or...
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