White Water Rafting

Topics: Vociferation, Raft, Death growl Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: September 25, 2011
White Water Rafting
The tourists piled out of the bus after a 2 hour ride. One by one they realized the fresh air and the lack of civilization. A few houses surrounded the road but mostly blocked by the vast forest surrounding them. They realized just then what they had gotten into, a whole day without the civilized world. Finally after not knowing for a good half hour what was expected of them someone yells “Back to the Bus!” They said 10 more minutes. It seemed more like another 30 minutes. To the right destination this time apparently the place they stopped at was to change into their swim suits. Once again they pilled out of the bus; the age range seemed to vary from 14 to 18 but a few occasional older people. The walk to the river shore was short but all the tourists could notice was the boats being pulled out of the mini vans that drove them. Each boat could contain 3 people. They were yellow someone screamed “It looks like a banana!” The guide directed the females first and explained to them how to put these god-awful black wet suits. The females of course changed in the bus while the males changed in the open field not afraid of showing there bodies. Finally after an hour of blowing the rafts up, getting dressed, and explanations, the guide screams “OFF YOU GO! But be careful please and leave the life vest on not off!” All of a sudden like animals fighting for food, the tourists run with the boats to see who’s going to get in first, and paddle off, like if it were the Olympics. Everyone slowly getting in and all of a sudden from the silence of the forest to the loud screaming of kids! The frustration and noise they made over the temperature of the river, some of the tourists had accidentally fallen into the water the shock of the temperature made then shriek. Slowly the inexperienced tourists start paddling, most of them going in circles because of the lack of knowledge in stirring. Screaming of directions and sides “right right, now...
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