White Out Study Questions

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Novel Study

Whiteout by James Houston

INSTRUCTIONS:Each of the following chapter questions are to be completed when you finish reading the chapter.

Chapter 1:

What is the setting (time and place) of this novel?
What does the letter reveal about:

Jon's behavior;
His father;
His mother's ultimatum

Chapter 2:

How does Jon feel about his trip? How do you know?
Describe the dream Jon has while on the plane.

Chapter 3:

What was Jon referring to when he said "The Arctic's not supposed to look like this,"? (Pg.8)
How did Harry defend the Inuit? (Pg. 9)
Why was Dr. Svenson travelling to Nanuvik? (Pg. 11)

Chapter 4:

Why was Harry so anxious to take off? (Pg. 14)
Why did Jon and Rusty change places in the plane? (Pg.15)
How did Jonathan get in trouble with the law? (Pg.16)
Who is Noddy Pelgrin? (Pg.17)
What does the word "Nanuvik" mean? (Pg. 18)
Why didn't Jon's uncle greet him at the shore? (Pg.19)
What warning did Noddy give Jon concerning Jon's uncle?

Chapter 5:

Who is Calvin Aird?
Why did Calvin Aird say to Jon: "That was strictly for our audience,..... We've got a lot of things to settle before anyone could call us friends."?
What did Jon's father send to his brother? How did Calvin respond to this gift?
Jon's uncle is stern, domineering and mistrustful. Give examples of his behavior in this chapter which demonstrate each on of these characteristics.

Chapter 6:

What do we discover about Noddy? (His home, future job posting, character)
What did Jon's mother give to him?
In three or four sentences, try to predict what will happen to Jon in the next year.

Chapter 7:

What happens at the beginning of the chapter which shows that Calvin is "tight" concerning money?
Describe the school ( both exterior and interior).
Why had the older Inuit given the name "angotiapik" to Dorie Bowden?
How does Mr. Walski feel about Jon? Why?...
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