White Horse

Topics: Alaska, Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 9, 2013
One of Whitehorse physical feature is mount Sima. It’s in only 20 minutes from downtown, Mount Sima offers runs from beginner to advanced and includes a freestyle ski area. First opened in 1993, Mount Sima was a venue for the 2007 Canada Winter Games. 

One human attraction of this city is the Canada’s games centre. The Canada Games Centre is a full service use community sport, recreation and wellness facility for the City of Whitehorse and surrounding communities.

This region stands along the western edge of the continent like a great wall. It consists of range after range of mountains separated by plateaus and valleys. This region also consists of several mountain ranges about 700 kilometers wide.

This city is located in the cordilleriean climate region: The Yukon has a subarctic climate climate. The high altitude of much of the territory and the seaward climate provide relatively warm summers with temperatures frequently reaching 27 degrees.

This city is located in the cordillerean vegetation region. The climate of the Cordillera region varies throughout the year. Summers can be hot, warm, rainy, breezy, and have cool evenings. Winters can be cold, rainy, breezy, and snowy. The climate in the Cordillera region can be described as cool, breezy, warm, hot, and rainy.

In my opinion I feel that this community would be a good place to keep plants because it rains a lot and the soil is good. This region would be also good because of the variety of trees that is in this community would be suitable for homes for animals.

The closest major river located in this city is the thirty mile river: The Thirty Mile, a section of the Yukon River between Lake Laberge and the Teslin River, is a rich hunting and fishing area for its original inhabitants, the Ta`an kwach` an.

This river flows into the Bering sea: The Bering Sea covers over 2 million square km of the northernmost region of the Pacific Ocean. Its borders are defined to the north by Alaska,...
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