White Fantasy Black Fact

Topics: Racism, Indigenous Australians, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1183 words) Published: November 9, 2009
An Afternoon with Colonialism An Essay on “White Fantasy-Black Fact” ! Europe's necessity to expand its reign of influence and create more room for its growing

population marks the start of settler colonialism. In Jack Davisʼs “White-Fantasy-Black Fact” we follow an Australian aboriginal family who faces the harsh realities of persecution created by colonialism. From racial discrimination, economic discrimination and ethnocide we see the depth of this issue unfold in one afternoon on the highway from Geraldton to Perth. ! The main trigger of these unfortunate events in “White-Fantasy-Black Fact” to force the

family into further desperation as the afternoon passes, is economic discrimination. The limitation of resources to survive is created by low household incomes and a poor job outlook for the general aboriginal population. Discrimination based on low education levels and high percentages of aboriginals in prison systems gives employers the case not to employ them for decent income jobs. In Thrashers, “Playing with Girls is a Sin” he narrates “ the rich familiesthey mostly worked for the Federal Government...lived in one or two room houses built of lumber and heated with wood or oil”(110) he then describes the employment out of “Indians and Eskimos who huddled in little huts and tents would sell their furs....Some Indians lived across the river”(111). Painting us a picture of how governments set physical boundaries and income boundaries to isolate and push aboriginal communities to failure. This explains why the Mollys baby was sick, due to lack nutrients or health issues preventable from a healthy income. The HR Holden broke down on the highway because maintenance costs were too much and the hardships of economic discrimination also spins off into social disorders like alcoholism and domestic disputes that strengthen the death grip of colonialisms history. Davis narrates the description of the grandfather “One man of indeterminate age, but old, was drunk...
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