White Collar Crime vs. Street Crime

Topics: Criminology, Theft, Crime Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: November 7, 2010
JUS-250 Crit. Issues in Criminal Justice

White Collar Crime vs. Street Crime: Which Is Worse?

A general definition of crime is the wrong doing against public law. Society is plagued by crime whether it’s an assault or embezzlement both are wrong yet the image that comes to mind when defining the concept of a crime is usually a personal assault on someone. Rarely do we think of a CEO of a Fortune 500 company stealing from the business. Society is more exposed to street crime. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear of a murder, robbery, or some other heinous act being committed and it is these types of street crimes affecting our neighborhoods and society. Both street and white collar crime have severe consequences. In most instances, white- collar crime is financially more costly. This does not mean that white-collar crime does not inflict bodily harm upon people.

In my opinion, street crimes are the most harmful and responsible for the breakdown of society as we know it. To show the harm caused by street crime, we have to look no further than the inner city neighborhoods. Street crimes are responsible for injuries, death, sexual assaults, and the loss of personal property by force. Rarely are these crimes committed by criminal organizations but its effects have a strong influence on society.

Unemployment is one of the main causes of street crime. Unemployment leads to crimes such as pick-pocketing. When people have no jobs or money to take care of their responsibilities, they sometimes want to earn money in a short time by any means and end up committing a crime. Lack of education is another cause of street crime. In poor families children can’t study or leave school before graduating because their parents don’t have enough money to pay the necessary fees. These children then grow up without the chance to have a full education. They won’t be able to find a good job or become unemployed because of their lack of education. A lack of education also leads to...
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