Whistle Blowing in Organization

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Do you believe that whistle-blowing is good for organizations and its members, or is it, as David Stetler believes, often a means to extort financial gains from companies?

Whistle-blowing is an ethical dilemma, it may be good and it may be bad for the organization and its members. It refers to reporting wrongdoing, injustice and any possible corruption by the member of the organization. Persons who blow the whistle generally do so out of a sense of public duty arising from high personal moral standard and the need to maintain professional integrity and standard. If the organization is indeed practicing unethical activities then it would not benefit from whistle-blowing as it exposes the unethical practices and then it would affect their credibility and the organization’s competitiveness in the market as well as being incriminated in legal proceedings. It may also be bad for the members of the organization since it would likely contribute to the loss of confidence in the organization , as well as breed feelings of dissatisfaction and job insecurity and hence leading to poor work performance . On the other hand, it may also be good for the organization especially if the unethical practices had been committed by a few of the members of the organization. It gives the organization the opportunity to right the wrongdoing of its members and salvage its reputation and its market value. If whistle blowing is a means towards positive end, then in the long run it is good for the organization as a whole, but not for some of those members who refuse to adhere to ethical behavior. As far as the person who blew the whistle is concerned it is highly risky as reporting isn’t taken lightly. Whistle blowers become vulnerable to unfavorable actions being taken against them by way of retaliation. Stetler also had a point when he said that it is a means to extort financial gains from the companies, this is evident especially if the whistle-blower stood...