Where Has All the Saved Time Gone?

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  • Published : July 21, 2011
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The world we live in undergoes constant change; it is never the same. Since the boom of the industrial age people have always strived to go beyond to invent faster, better and even more efficient inventions. All of this supposedly to make our lives easier to live. Without a doubt things have become better and more efficient than before. Originally people did this to save time. Time has always been considered precious and we are constantly trying to save time. So much so that we have lost the meaning of saving time and it has become a part of the culture that we live in today. “More haste, less speed”. This quote by Augustus Caesar is a perfect illustration of the present world that we are midst. The faster we do things the more likely we are to commit errors which result in us taking longer to correct these mistakes. It is much like the Swahili proverb of “Haste has no blessings”.

Saving time is easily evident in the teenage community as text messages are often written in short abbreviations. It has become a way of life rather than a way of saving time. This haste has not made life any easier either. Often people misinterpret this abbreviations and it takes longer to understand than writing complete words. For instance, "ttyl" (talk to you later) is sometimes misinterpreted as "ttly" (totally). Not only has haste lead to misinterpretation but it is a cause for our laziness. Saving time by swiping credit cards at gas pumps instead of paying at the counter or even consuming power bars instead of a full meal has made us lazy. However all this saved time remains unaccounted for as we still strive to become faster than before.
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