Where Flowers Bloom so Does Hope

Topics: Poetry, Emily Dickinson, Romanticism Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Where flowers bloom so does hope
People who read poems have many different interpretations, but when it comes to Emily Dickinson, the interpretations are almost infinite. Throughout the 19th century Emily Dickinson is perhaps one of the most fascinating American poets studied. Even though the Romantic period was coming to an end during her time many of Dickinson’s poems embody the characteristics during the period. Often times, Dickinson would use nature such as flowers, forests, meadows, hills, water, and creatures. These symbols were highly suitable for the inner conflicts that Dickinson was expressing in her poetry. Dickinson was an avid reader of Wordsworth, Bryant, and Emerson who had all been products of the Romantic period and also used nature as a reoccurring symbol in their poetry. Despite being frowned upon during her time, Dickinson incorporated sex and love into her poems in ways that others can’t even describe. In the poem “I tend my flowers for thee” Dickinson uses a wide variety of flowers to symbolize her love and loneliness and to reveal her feelings to her absent “Lord,” the “Bright Absentee!”.

Flowers are widely considered to be the language of love. Since Dickinson couldn’t exactly come out and say what she wanted about her lover, she had to find another way to express her feelings. When Dickinson says “Rip-while the Sower-dreams” she is describing herself as the sower and is saying that she dreams of him or perhaps dreaming to waste the time while she is alone. It’s interesting that she calls herself “the Sower” because a sower is someone who takes care of a garden or field, which is typically a male. Dickinson claims that she has been tending her garden for her lover when she says “I tend my flowers for thee” but in fact it has been neglected because Emily lived a very reclusive and introverted life and, in fact, rarely left her room.

While she dreams about her lord she says “Geranium-tint-and spot-Low daisies-dot” this image is...
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