When I Have Fears Summary

Topics: Love, Poetry, Mind Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: May 11, 2012
1.When I Have Fears(Summary)

Overall Explanation of the Poem Bye Keats \"Whenever I have fears\" is really a good work, but Keats’ the most prior Wish has not been elaborated in the material. Actually John Keats wanted to be having as much fame as Shakespeare had. He wanted to be one like Shakespeare. So in his First Quatrain he says that he wants to put all the Poetic Material he has in his mind on the paper but is afraid of the of that he don\'t have enough time to do so. He thinks that he would be dead Of Tuberculosis Soon and is not able to give written form to whatever is packed in his mind with abundance. Here John Keats talk about teeming brain which means the brain full of poetic substance which he is not able to convert into bulk of books and the substance in his mind will be left like ripened Grains having no reapers to take care of. In his Second Quatrain John Keats Says that he also does not have enough time to watch the beauty of the sky filled with stars and also unable to keep his breathe alive to make a romance in cloudy weather. He says that after he has died of Tuberculosis, there is no chance he is going to have Beautiful scenery of the sky and romance enjoyed himself and follow these beautiful happenings again In 3rd Quatrain he expresses the feelings of love by pointing out the beauty of his lover who neglected him and never loved. He says that he would not be able to look at her beauty for a long time to satisfy his soul. By the next time he won’t be able to enjoy her beauty anymore. By Relish he means the severe wish for someone in the world of magic and by the mean of unreflecting love is that he is having the love for her but she does not take serious consideration to him. In the last two lines and a half of previous one John Keats expresses that he is standing at the bank of wide ranged world in his solitude and thinking Love and Fame he has a severe wish for will sink after his Death.
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