When You are Sinking Become a Submarine: Winning Through Wisdom and Creativity

Topics: Positive psychology, Modus operandi, Power Pages: 4 (1285 words) Published: April 28, 2013
When You Are Sinking Become A Submarine: Winning through Wisdom and Creativity, Pavan Choudary, Wisdom Tree, New Delhi, Page 184, Price 245.

The present book is a saga of Vile and Naïve as we find these two kinds of people in the world of power and politics. Vile is a persona for whom only the ends matter while Naïve is a persona for whom means is as important as ends. In the battle for power, sometimes Naïve wins, but more often it is Vile. The Management Guru Mr. Pavan Choudary takes the prior statement as a challenge and enunciates the ways for Naïve to handle the tactics of Vile. This book is for Naïve who is benevolent and compassionate and above all a man with conscience. He is complete opposite to Vile who is a man with lots of ambition but little conscience. The author challenges the common Machiavelli’s belief that a good man hasn’t got a chance. He asserts that the path of goodness coupled with creativity and wisdom is the only way to an enduring victory.

The book is segmented into three sections followed by an epilogue. The first and foremost section comprises of fourteen chapters where author throws light on the profile of the Vile. Besides the profile, author also deals with the modus operandi executed by the Vile. The second section of fifteen chapters deals with the strategies implemented by Naïve to handle the scandals crafted by Vile. The third section with its twenty two chapters is all about power of good luck, goodness etc. The epilogue is an eye opener for a growing leader as it is about the journey beyond the wisdom.

Book opens with the introduction to the personality of Vile and Naïve respectively. Part I “Vile - How He Operates” begins with “Career Poaching” where author explains that shared information always creates the potential for poaching of credit. Vile’s trick of using the chorus style to sing a solo song also confuses his team members. Author advices to Vile that he should survive on self-merit, concentrate on...
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