When the Levees Break.

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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When the levees Broke

What should the government provide during a time of crisis or disaster? I believe that during times of crisis that the United States government should be 100% behind prevention rescue and recovery, But as people in general we should keep ourselves prepared for disaster weather you live in Tornado Alley or the Gulf of Mexico. We as Americans believe that our government would be there for us no matter what, but that simply isn’t true. No matter how bad we want them to do something, that does not mean that it will happen. So as smart and preventative individuals we should be as prepared as possible to save ourselves and our families just in case there isn’t anyone there to rescue us. We should expect a social guarantee that our government would help us in times of need, but the thing is do we make it known that we demand theses thing because if we do not make it painfully obvious that we need help the government doesn’t seem to notice. We should expect a soft spot to land and a warm place to sleep when the walls come down and the levees break. As it has been proven to us that we cannot always rely on governmental support we need to take it upon ourselves as individuals and communities to prepare for the worst. Always have a plan. Work as a community to educate yourselves on handling such situations and how to prepare your selves and homes to survive. We can’t always depend on each other or our government so we must take it upon ourselves to keep our families prepared and safe. We should not give up on demanding that our government care about us because without us there is no them so they should keep in mind that there are times when we do need help and guidance and a little governing to help calm the chaos and insanity.
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