When Love Is Not Enough

Topics: Spirituality, Sociology, Love Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: April 9, 2012
When Love Is Not Enough
Love can be described as the intense feeling of bottomless affection. Love can also be a tender, zealous affection for another person. However, love can be classified to many categories depending on the conditions or situations. Love is significance in human life because it makes people feel complete and satisfied. Love is universal because it is felt by every living organism on earth. Love can be appreciation, self confidence and satisfaction. However, when love is not enough it can result to difficult circumstances such breaking of families, suicides, loneliness, hatred etc. therefore, love is important because it strengthens relationships and other basic aspects human being desire.

America is one of the major countries that are concerned about relationship situations. Research shows that most of the Americans are affected by loneliness. Every American values love more than any personal effect in their lives. In American society, every body shows kindness as a way of expressing their love to others. People assist each other in time of need; doctors attend to their patient and give them hope for another day, people influence other in doing well to every one in American soil etc. however, when love is not expressed to an individual, he/she thinks that they are alone in their own world.

Spirituality is an important aspect in human life. Due to lack of spirituality in most inhabitants of America has faced difficult circumstances. American research shows that most young African American male populace is turning to be rare. After some time, America will loose all the male African American. In addition, parents are loosing with their children due to their daily tasks. Conversely, brothers are also loosing touch with their sisters probably because of education. This entire break ups are due to lack of spirituality in nurture. If a parent does not care about his children background then the children will adapt their own culture. Parents...
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