Whats the Hardest Things About Being a Girl/ What Will You Miss Most If You Suddenly Had to Move

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I never really got to experience high-school like everybody did. Instead I was stuck home in hospital home-bound because of surgery I had on my ankles. I'm currently fifth-teen and I missed my whole ninth grade year as well as tenth. Sometimes I look back and say to myself this sucks, but the truth is I will never be able to experience public high school. Whether I like it or not Home-school is the best educational source for me right now. Home-school can be a disadvantage , I lost all my friends from being stuck at home, so most of the time I get very lonely. But even though I'm lonely I still keep a smile on my face and make the best out of every situation I'm in. One day I’m going to grow up and become the most successful black actor of my time just like my idol Will Smith. I want to be able to be recognize and to let the world know that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what ethnicity you are you can still be successful , accepted, and live out your dream. Chasing after the industry dream always have consequences, whether you lose contact with your friends or even stop talking to your family. But I believe the biggest consequences of them all, is having to move to a different city and leaving behind the most important treasures of your life.

Moving can be hard and emotional to most people. Living in an unfamiliar area or different surrounding makes you miss the old times and memories you had before you left your original city. I've always wonder what life would be like if I suddenly had to leave the current city which I reside in (Jacksonville Florida). Who would I miss ? , What would I miss ? , Who will I not miss ? , What will I not miss ? , these thoughts pass through my head on a daily basis. “When it come down to it”, I know sooner or later I will be leaving Jacksonville Florida and moving to L.A, but for now only time can tell.

If I had to suddenly move to different state one of the most things I would miss is the memories. I lived and grew up in Jacksonville Florida from the tender age of zero to my current age fifteen, so I'm familiarize with this city like the “back of my head”. They say “memories can last a lifetime” and others say “memories can kill you”, but in my case my mind holds plenty of memories that is unforgettable. I remember when I was just four I was playing and walking down the street in my neighborhood (Spring oaks) and I seen another kid walking towards me, as we finally met up to one of another we stared at each other for a moment or two, then without hesitation we quickly turned and ran back to our mother's to explain to them I met my first friend. The young man that I've met name was Tyler, and till this day I can never forget his name. Tyler and I grew up together, went to the same school, played outside, went trick or treating, had birthday parties , we were not only first friends we were best-friends. I know all about moving from one destination to another , because I've lost many friends from doing so. When you're young you never understand the boundaries of life, you don’t worry about clothes, money, cars, or even your friends full names. I remember finding out that Tyler had to move and was leaving me behind to defend for my self. Our parents stayed in contact for a while than somehow they stopped talking to each other. Till this day I beat my self up everyday wondering where is Tyler?, is he still living in Jacksonville?, is he dead or alive?, or even worst what is his middle and last name. I guess their right when people say “memories can last a lifetime” but they also can kill you inside too.

If I suddenly had to move to a different location, the final treasure I would miss is the city of Jacksonville it self. Growing up in Jacksonville you tend to travel around the city on a frequent basis. You are familiarize with the surroundings, you know where each place is located and how to get there. When a new movie arrives in the movie theaters I...
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