What Would You Invest 1 Million Pound on and Why?

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  • Published : March 31, 2012
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1 million pound spend:
25% in Ryanair shares - currently at c. 3.50 - will be up at 5 in five years time Youngest airplanes (avg age = 3 years), all their fuel costs have been paid for until the end of this year (at a fixed price), they fly larger aircraft on shorter haiul flights, which is in demand, so recycling of their aircraft will be much easier than say easyjet

15% in agricultural land - world population has just hit the 7bn mark - more mouths to feed. Also, the emerging nations diet is changing to a more meat focussed diet (away from wheat and rice etc) - and it takes 6x as much land to breed a cow tfor meat as for wheat to fill the same amounts... Demand for this has been on the up over the last few years. Also some coutnries are putting together a wealth fund to invest in this market, hence increasing demand even more...

15% cash to hedge against inflation

20% in Art - especiallyt in recognisede masterpieces by artists from Russia and China - ever increasing numbers of million/billionaires coming out in these countries - need to spen d their money on something...

15% in Norweigan Krone (pronounced Corona) - at roughly 9 to the pound, this is a good investment as they are sheltered from the eurozone debt crisis, are a commodity currency (look this up) as they deal in a lot of oil... and are setting up a sovereign wealth fund

10% in other stuff - just think up something along these lines (maybe bonds?)
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