What Women Want in a Man

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  • Published : October 10, 2005
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What Women Want in a Man
Brian neil
For as long as man has walked the earth, he has always been in search of the answer to the almighty and mysterious question. What does a woman want in a man? For as long as the question has existed, there have been studies, researches, movies, magazine articles, you name it and it has been done. So why after thousands of years, do men really have no idea what it is that women want from them? Maybe there is no answer to this question, maybe there is! After close scrutiny of different research methods, I came to the conclusion that a survey would be the most efficient and effective way to find the answers that men, including myself are looking for. By first separating women into five age groups, from ages 16 to 51 and over, I was able to more accurately compare the desires of women from all ages. Also by separating my survey into three categories, physical appearance, personality and lifestyle, will give a much more accurate description of exactly what specific traits women of all ages want in a man. Before I began my survey, I was of the opinion that the desired traits that young women prefer, compared to the desires of older women would be completely different. When it came to the personality and lifestyle traits of men, every woman surveyed, young and old prefer a chivalrous man. Most important and much to my surprise, women of all ages prefer a slow and steady relationship, if not for the long haul. When it came to physical appearance traits, again to my surprise almost all traits selected by young and middle aged women were totally random with no pattern to follow. It wasn't until I reached the top age bracket of women, did I begin to see a pattern of selected physical appearance traits. Older women appear to prefer a physically fit, short haired man of equal or greater height. It also wasn't until I reached the top age bracket did I begin to see a noticeable pattern of personality and lifestyle traits. All...
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