What Was Life Like for People Living in Nazi Germany?

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Antisemitism Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: November 20, 2012
What was life like for people living in Nazi Germany?
In Nazi Germany life for the Germans was terrible. You had to know who you could trust, as trusting the wrong person may cause you to loose your life. The Nazis and mainly Hitler really disliked Jews and anyone else that was not their perfect 'Aryan'. Hitler and the Nazis came up with the Nazi Racial Policy, in 1933 to try and persuade Jews to emigrate there was the Boycott of Jewish shops. Shop windows got Jewish symbols painted on them, members of the SA would stand outside to threaten shoppers and anyone who did go in the shops would have their name put on a list so the Nazis would know who was using the Jewish shops. Jews were banned from all state jobs such as civil servants, teachers, journalists, lawyers and even radio announcers. Jewish and non-Jewish children were not allowed to play together. All of this made life hard and not pleasant for the Jews, this is what Hitler wanted so that Jews would leave his beloved Germany. The Nuremburg Laws was an important part to the way that Jews ran their life during Nazi Germany, the Nuremburg Laws consisted of things such as; Jews could not marry or have sex with non-Jews, all Jews lost German Citizenship; Jews were not allowed to own radios, typewriters or bicycles; Jews were not allowed to own their own buisnesses and were banned from going places such as the cinema, theatres or concert halls. They were not allowed to buy newspapers or magazines, nor were they allowed to attend school or college. Male Jews were forced to add the name 'Israel' and female Jews the name 'Sarah', to their first names. These Nuremburg Laws restricted what Jews were allowed to do, a lot. Homosexuals were effected by the Nazis as well, they were seen as not fitting into 'normal' families, they were savagely persecuted. About 15,000 were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Many were used in medical experiments or they were castrated. Himmler was shocked to discover several...
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