What Troubles Me About the Worl Today

Topics: Military of the United States, Value, BBC World Service Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Troubling Times

Times are becoming more and more troubling in the world as of lately. Times have definitely changed and one wouldn’t say it’s for the better. From the over dependencies of electronics to the over polarization of political parties here in this great country. There are a number of instances that one can point out and say man “I don’t like where this is headed.” But one trend that is extremely bothersome is what seems to be a decline of morals and values around the world. This decline in morals and the promotion of secular activities is leading the world done a dark path that can be detrimental to the state of humanity. In this country and abroad, dangerous waters are being treaded and we need to right the ship before we are lost for good. To begin with, the reason why the decline of morals and values around the world troubles me is because the lack of morals and values is the leading contributor to broken families. Back before modern time to have a pregnancy without being married was an embarrassment to oneself and family. In a lot of cause that particular females would be disowned by the family. But it has gotten to a point today that at least forty percent of kinds born today are from unmarried couples, which is a huge increase. So couples having a baby with no real tangible legal bond to each other makes the possibility for a broken family all the more greater. Secondly, the reason why the decline in morals and value around the world is troubling is because I feel that people are no longer willing to sacrifice a little for the better of their respected country. Here in the US alone we see this problem. In a country where the nation’s budget is running at record deficits no one is willing to sacrifice for the better of the country. For example, the US military is the largest and the world we spend more money on our military than the next three countries on the list combined. But ask any military person if they want a cut to the budget of...
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