What the Gospels Teach Us

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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The Gospels teach us sayings of comfort and judgment, stories of Jesus healing people with physical and spiritual affliction, and His miracles and ministry. The Gospels also tell us of the true demands of discipleship, God’s Law, and the Kingdom of God. We learn of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection throughout each of the four Gospels. We are told of God’s love for man, His forgiveness toward us, and salvation. Even though they have different viewpoints, the Gospels share two main points. The first is that the risen Jesus who appeared to the disciples is the self-same Jesus of Nazareth and not just hallucination. The second is Jesus also transformed into a state of existence that is different from ordinary space-time existence. Resurrection is the transformation into a manner of life that exceeds our capacity to imagine.

Paul’s letters tell us about God’s eternal power and wisdom. He also tells us of Jesus was God’s plan for humanity all along, and talks about the story of Jesus before Jesus was even born. He also talks about the sufferings he has been through for speaking Jesus’ name. He often responds to gossip and responds to information requests that were sent to him. Paul focuses on the cross, resurrection, and the Parousia. Paul also mentions several events that will happen before the end.

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