What Should Be Responsible for the “Obesity Crisis”?

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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What Should Be Responsible for the “Obesity Crisis”?
Nowadays, fast food becomes a symbol of America, so as obesity. The word obesity became really popular because obesity always goes after the fast food. So, you might ask how serious the problem of obesity now in the United States is. Judith Warner gave us a really good answer to this question. In his article Junking Junk Food, he states that now we are “at a time when more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight” and approximately “17 percent of children and adolescents (aged from 2 to19 years) are obese” (401). The data tells us that obesity problem already became a big issue, even a big crisis for the American society. Fortunately, more and more American started to realize that and a war against obesity started. However, the war was not going on well since it didn’t make any big change to the situation now. There are three groups of people playing important roles in the war against obesity, which are the government, the individuals and the big corporations. Most of the people blame one of the three for our situations. They think that one of the three should take the whole responsibility for the obesity crisis. However, in fact, not only one of the three groups, but also the other two should be blamed for the obesity problem. That’s because it was the fault of all the three groups that led to the result that the war is not working well. Furthermore, it is actually our society that should be responsible for the “Obesity Crisis” since the real problem of obesity comes from all the three groups and the three groups basically makes up our society.

Let’s talk about our government first. As most people know, the government is actually spending more and more money on the food every year. Former President Bush put $200 million, which was about 7 percent of his total budget on the anti-obesity measures (Balko 396). President Obama did even more in the past 4 years. The local governments and school boards...
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