What Makes a Good Teacher

Topics: Suffering, Abuse, Sociology Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: February 18, 2013
It is believed that the safest place for children is their home and family, but nowadays this statement has become doubtful. According to statistics about 30 percent of all crimes somehow associated with abuse of children. The most shocking thing is that children are abused by those who have to be responsible for them and have to take care of them. That is to say, children as the most immature members of society both physically and psychologically constantly suffer from humiliations, corporal punishments, sexual violence or total neglect from parents or their guardians. Violence against children is the most serious social problem nowadays, that’s why parents should realize that such treatment must be avoided, because home abuse is the main reason for children’s injuries, mental problems in future, problems with adaptation in society and even suicides. First of all, children who experienced regular corporal punishments are usually backward. In other words, their height and weight are below the average, their speech is unclear, and gestures are abrupt. It’s a usual thing for them to posses some bad habits, such as biting nails, finger sucking or constant flapping of their bodies. They also suffer from insomnia and lack of appetite, which adversely affect their development. As a result of physical violence some children start to feel constant anger and aggression, which will be expressed later against those who are weaker: younger brothers and sisters or animals. Sometimes vice versa children who are victims of their own parents are so reserved and helpless, that they practically are not able to protect themselves even in their every-day-life. Secondly, children who went through home abuse have problems with social adaptation. In fact, they do not have any connections with adults, their communication skills with persons of the same age also leave much to be desired, and their low level of self-esteem creates obstacles in earning respect at school. More often...
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