What Makes Psychology a Science?

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What makes psychology a science? Some people may not accept that psychology is a science – what arguments might they give?

What makes psychology a science?
The origins of psychology are drawn from three main areas of study, Philosophy, Physics and Biology. From Philosophy, it is argued that data should be measured through observation and be objectively recorded using the methods and principles of science when applied to human behaviour, as is done in physics. Biology provides the theory of evolution, which indicates that man has evolved from other animals, and later discoveries in genetics and their importance when learning about and discerning human behaviour. As psychology is studied through observations, measurement, and experiment to formulate, test and record results, it follows the scientific principles and can produce verifiable evidence therefore, I would argue it is a science.

Some people may not accept that psychology is a science – what arguments might they give? Numerous different areas are incorporated under the one title of ‘psychology’ and the differences within these fields, and the way in which information is gathered and used, may bring the science of psychology into dispute. When viewing something scientifically, you need to first apply inductive reasoning to be able to start investigating the science involved around a chosen subject. Following this, a summary will be drawn regarding the subject matter, which will allow a hypothesis to be formed. Finally deductive reasoning is applied; the subject matter will then be tested which will allow for verification or falsification to take place. When applying inductive reasoning, this needs to be objective with no bias. Within certain fields of psychology, case studies are used, these case studies will inevitably incorporate the feelings and beliefs of the researcher, these will be drawn from various areas, ethnicity, up-bringing, sex, age, experiences, social background and the views of...
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