What Made Canada a Leader in Human Rights

Topics: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Human rights, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: December 26, 2010
What made Canada a world leader in Human Rights?
Experiences memory of the Holocaust and the horrors of discrimination had shaped Canada’s role as a world leader in human rights. Canada had done numerous measures to eliminate racial discrimination and as well as giving Canadians equal rights they deserve. Such as drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Ontario Human rights code, Canadian Human rights Act, and as well as the Canadian Charter of rights.

First, Canada’s participation and corporation in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is influential and significant, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a major milestone in the history of human rights, and many policies made by different countries are based on the declaration, such as the Canadian Charter of Rights. John Peters Humphrey, a Canadian was appointed to by the United Nations to be the principle drafter of the International Bill of Rights, which would eventually become the UN Declaration of Human Rights. He was also appointed as the Director of Human rights at the time representing 19 nations ranging from Australia to Yugoslavia, his work had definitely played an important role in drafting the Declaration. The declaration stated clearly that everybody has the equal rights, to be treated with dignity, and that nobody should be subject for torture in contrast of the treatment the Jews got from the Nazi Party. And many other rights such as right to life, liberty, and security, right to education, right to participate with cultural life, freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Without the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the whole world would be very different, for example racial discrimination would’ve been still here, meaning that another holocaust could still be possible. Therefore Canada’s participation was rather important.

Next, The Ontario Human Rights Code introduced in in 1962 was policy introduced to Ontario by the Federal Government of Canada...
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