What Is True Love

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Romance Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Shantel Charles
Argument Essay
Many people have wondered can true love last forever. I agree and disagree that true love can last forever because true love is how you feel and feelings can always change. True love is described in three words – infatuation, lust, and friendship/companionship.

True love can be disproved by infatuation. Infatuation is temporary euphoric state of that is the research on blood chemistry when someone says they’ve “fallen in love” as stated by Bill Ferguson in his research “Studying the Science of Falling in Love.” He says that love is a temporary state that people go through but it can at any point. Infatuation proves that true love can’t last forever because it’s a temporary state that express how a person feel for example when a person say “I’ve fallen in love” which can change at any point in a relationship.

However, true love can last forever is expressed by friendship, or companionship. Friendship, or companionship if you will, is the one element of a love relationship that can, potentially, go on indefinitely as stated by Ferguson in “Studying the Science of Falling in Love.” What Ferguson may have meant was that a truly in love couple is like a relationship that they enjoy being in company with so it has the potential to last forever. Friendship and companionship proves that true love can last forever because it is possible/capable to last forever

Cofer’s essay “I feel in love, or my hormones awakened” supports Ferguson’s claim of infatuation and lust. For example, in her essay she says “Week after week I wandered up and down the aisles taking furtive glances at the stock room in the back, breathlessly hoping to see my prince.” What this mean is that she was in love with a rich senior that every week she just hoped to see him in the stock room. Cofer’s essay proves that true love can’t last forever because she admired him and it can last forever because she wants to be with him but she holds it as a secret love....
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