What Is the Role of Culture and Language in the Perceptual Process? Given the Partially Subjective Nature of Sense Perception, How Can Different Knowers Ever Agree on What Is Percieved? Do We as People with Different

Topics: Culture, Perception, Western culture Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Language and culture plays major role in the perceptual process because what a child learn culture from young will change the way they perceive the world. There are two hundred countries around the world and different countries have different cultures and languages. So do different languages and cultures affect us in the perceptual process? I think the answer will be yes because language affects our perceptual senses. For example, in Korean ‘Apa’ means dad but In Indonesian, it means what. So different languages will have different meaning even though it is same and it will affect our perceptual senses. Cultures affect the perceptual process because it sets the way of perceiving through cultural backgrounds. For example, some things are considered taboo in Korean culture but not in other cultures such as looking teachers in the eyes is not allowed in Korean culture but in Western culture it is allowed. Education is also different in different cultures. In Korea, sexual education is taught in the later age but in western countries it is taught earlier than Korea. Language will also change the perception of someone. Not able to understand the different language or cultural processes will make someone live in a totally different world because not able to communicate and process through their perception will limit their perceptual process. For example, I can’t speak Arabic so I can’t perceive what Arabs say and I will not be able to communicate with them which makes me live in a different world. A word might also have different meaning in different languages. In other point of view, different language and different cultural background can be blended by Third Culture kids because they can be able to connect two different cultures and create bond between them. These days, people say world is getting closer, which mean that people perceive in similar ways and have similar cultural backgrounds which put people under similar perceptual process.

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