What Is Kiva?

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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1. A non-profit organization that makes small loans to borrowers around the world, they believe in fair access to affordable capital and they want to alleviate poverty. 2. People can choose a borrower via a microfinance institution, then get updates of progress of loan (repayments), and then people can withdraw the money and make out another loan if wanted. 3. Kiva serves The United States, Mexico, Central America, Part of South America, Subsaharan Africa, and some Middle East/Asian countries. 4. KIVA is about microfinance and taking people out of poverty and not limiting economic development due to not having enough financial resources. In the unit we covered the dependency theory, core-periphery models, and obstacles that prevented growth of people in poverty, KIVA creates opportunity for economic development all over the world as the unit highlighted economic development. 5. Grace Ayaa was forced to leave her home (Kitgum) due to the Civil War, and moved to Kulambiro, Uganda taking care of 13 kids. She had a small business of making peanut butter and didn’t have enough space to store the batches, so she took a lone of $475 through KIVA and she increased her profits and became very successful despite the difficulties she faced. 6. KIVA makes a huge difference because they have raised $406,773,800 in loans so far and they have made people with poverty stricken and sad lives into successful and happy entrepreneurs. They have been achieving their goal of alleviating poverty in different countries, making change happen in economic development.
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