What Is Happiness

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  • Published : November 15, 2014
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What is happiness ?
hi ! everyone ! my name is angelica. Welcome to my talk . To start with , I want to tell you three important elements in our life . The first one is a decision , The second one is a positive attitude and the finally comes to the third one that is love . So what is the combination of these three stuff ? it’s not a big deal and now I want to tell you that decision ; positive attitude and love is happiness. As Hong Kong has developing well , ppl has been emphasize and chase on materialism life . However , even they had a wealth life , but still some of them raise a question that ”how can I get a true happiness “ . Well ! Clutching happiness is based on your decision . Let me show you an example :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx like you can decided what emotions you are going to face such as optimistically or pessimistically no matter what happens on you . Similarly , the attitude can also affected by your decision , like if you make a decision that is negative , thus your attitude might be depress or want to give up . constantly , if your decision is positive . of course you will have more motivation and volition to accomplish your goal . Then you will figure out that And now let’s talk about LOVE . love is sth that can make you happy
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