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Existing and Transferable Skills for the GIQ Program
What Is GIQ?
The Generic Induction (Qld) or GIQ course is an induction program for the mining and resource industry. It is not intended to replace site and activity specific training. What it is meant to do is provide an awareness of hazards, risks and general controls used in the mining and resources industry. The course is delivered over three days and incorporates six nationally accredited units of competencies, and meets the requirements of Standard 11 under the Coal Mining Safety & Health Act. The six units of competencies that are issued after successful completion of the course are: 1. Conduct local risk control (RIIRIS201A) 2. Communicate in the workplace (RIICOM201A) 3. Apply initial response first aid (RIIERR205A) 4. Respond to local emergencies & incidents (RIIERR302A) 5. Comply with site work systems (RIIGOV201A) 6. Work safely & follow OHS policies & procedures (RIIOHS201A)

Why Do I Need A GIQ Passport?

Holding a GIQ Passport helps a Senior Site Executive of a mine determine whether an individual is safe to enter and work on a mine site in relation to minimum training requirements under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act. Many mining and resource companies require you to hold a GIQ Passport (or equivalent) before you can go on-site.

Why Do You Need To Fill Out This Form?

Because of the high level of potential risk involved in the mining and resource industry it is important that individuals completing the GIQ course are able to take what they have learnt during the program and readily apply it on-site. To this end, both the Mining Regulator and the Department of Education and Training in Qld have determined that individuals must have some frame of reference for understanding the concepts and content of the course, before you attend the course. This is achieved by having existing or transferable skills. It is felt that this allows you to take the concepts and content we are going to...
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