What Is Folk Music

Topics: Folk music, Folklore, Rock and roll Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: February 21, 2011
What is Folk Music?
Folk music originated from many cultures around the world. Each culture adopted rhythms and beats from family and cultural rituals. The family of string instruments applied the music with common harmonies. Other variations of instruments, from homemade to daily items were used in addition to create a more original beat. The region of Great Britain, or the Celtic race inspired many of today’s top beats in folk music . The music originated among the common people of a nation passing it down orally, often changing for artist’s personal design. The meaning of folk in a musical term describes the common, but original creation intended for personal enjoyment such as ballads or music that represents people with particular occupations or in certain circumstances. In the 1960’s folk music blended with mainstream music, as the Baby Boomers came of age all at once. The music of the folk revival was narrative pop music with a social conscience. Since then community-driven musical forms such as punk rock, hip-hip have evolved. Now, in the 21st century, folk music has strong influences from all of these musical movements. Folk songs can often be classified into different types. For example, the ballad, a song that tells a story often about real events, is one of the main types of folk songs. Ballads are in stanza form, where a melody is repeated for each of several verses, and may have a refrain that is repeated several times. Another type of folk song represents people that deal with a particular activity, occupation, or set of circumstances. This group includes work songs, prison songs, war songs, and the like. There are also spiritual songs, songs for children, songs about life’s stages, and many songs are just for celebration, dance and enjoyment.

Throughout ages music was made by common people during both their work and leisure. During the era of much bigger manual labor people often included singing, which helped them with several practical...
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