What is Confucianism: Religion Based in Asia

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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What is Confucianism? A lot of people in the world ask this question. The answer to that question is that Confucianism is a religion based in Asia that was made before Christ's birth. Confucianism is a religion that teaches you how you should live your life. All of the information was found on religioustolerance.org, and was written by B.A. Robinson. This essay will tell you all about Confucianism. The roots and history of Confucianism are based in a time very long ago. The religion of Confucianism started in the mid- 500's before Christ's birth. The religion started in the Asian city of China by a man named K'ung Fu Tzu, also known as Confucius. This religion is very closely related to the religion of Taoist in its social ethics and moral teachings. There are about six million Confucians living in the world. Around twenty-six thousand live in North America. Most of the rest of the six million live in China and the rest of Asia. The founder of this particular religion is named Confucius, which was stated earlier. This man was born in five hundred fifty one B.C. in the the state of Lu which is modern day Shantung Province. He lived during the Chou dynasty. As he grew older, he traveled through China and gave advice on how to live to rulers and many people. The last few years of Confucius' life was spent in Lu where he taught students. He taught them of individual morality and ethics, and the proper exercise of political power by the rulers. Confucius finally died in 479 B.C. which was was found on calendarmine.com. There are six schools of Confucianism. These schools consist of Han Confucianism, Neo- Confucianism, Contemporary Neo-Confucianism, Korean Confucianism, Japanese Confucianism, and Singapore Confucianism. There are many rituals and rites of Confucianism. One of the many is that during birth, a special procedure is taken and is followed when the placenta is disposed of. Another ritual is of marriage which is done in six parts. In proposal, the couple...
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