What Integrety Means

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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True scholarship and integrity share a common thread: judgment. According to the well-respected, nineteenth century poet, James Russell Lowell, “True scholarship consists in knowing not that things exist, but what they mean; it is not memory, but judgment.” My interpretation of this suggests that a real scholar seeks knowledge gained by looking past the surface of what might be found in bold print, and searches for the truth. He goes beyond what is required to find purpose to his learning. Integrity, to me, means doing the right thing, whether anyone knows you are doing it or not. Judgment is a key part of integrity and true scholarship. Lowell practiced what he preached. He used his poetry and writing for reform. This great scholar, a Harvard Law School graduate, wrote to bring awareness and to abolish slavery. He used judgment when choosing his words, when choosing to act, and when choosing to motivate people to find truth. I strive to have the courage and dedication of James Russell Lowell. I hope to be remembered as a true scholar with integrity; someone that sought knowledge and truth when no one was looking. That is what true scholarship and integrity mean to me.

1. PTSA Focus Group ; 3 years ; club officer and vice president Latin Club ; 2 years
National Latin Honor Society ; 2 years
Class of 2014 ; 2 years ; Counselor
Fellowship of Christian Athletes ; 2 years
BETA ; 1 year
Frisbee Club ; 1 year
Pottery Club ; 1 year
Mu Alpha Theta ; 1 year

2. Varsity Basketball ; 2 years ; Planning to play this year. Varsity Volleyball ; 2 years ; Game captain
JV Volleyball ; 1 year
Varsity Tennis ; 1 year ; Planning to play this year ; Most Improved Player in ’11-’12 school year ** Plan on participating in track this school year.

3. Relay for Life: 18 hours
PTSA Scholarship Drive: 60 hours
Ronald McDonald House (kitchen help): 10 hours
College Night/ Freshman First/ Open House: 24 hours

** Last school year, I realized...
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