What If Airplanes Were Never Invented?

Topics: Wright brothers, Spaceflight, Hot air balloon Pages: 5 (1812 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Humans have always had a fascination with flying since the beginning of time. Hot air balloons were invented in 1783, one step closer to the airplane. The balloon is filled with hot air, which makes the balloon fly to the air because hot air is lighter than cool air. The only problem with the hot air balloon was that you could not control the direction it was going.

The first airplane was actually a glider. This aircraft was launched from a cliff or from any high place. It rode on the wind to the ground. Sir George Cayel made the first glider that flew. The aircraft could not occupy passengers. He also made a glider that flew his coachmen.

In 1843, William S. Henson patented plans for an airplane after trying to build a model airplane. When those plans failed, he gave up on airplanes. His friend, John Stingfellow, tried making a model off of Henson's model and succeeded. The plane launched, but could only stay in the air for a short time. In 1890, the Wright became interested in flying. Their center of invention was located near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Here they modified gliders and tested them. After experimenting on unmanned gliders, they made a glider where the pilot would control the airplane in the air. After working on glider experiments, they found out how to steer a plane while in flight by developing a rudder and flaps on the wings. With the rudder and the flaps, the pilot could control the direction of the airplane and the height. In December of 1903, the Wright Brothers became the first people to successfully fly a plane with a person in it. The plane flew one hundred twenty feet and flew only about twelve seconds. They had three successful flights that day, but Wilbur made the longest flight of 892 feet and stayed up for about 59 seconds. In 1903 the Wright Brothers made their first powered airplane that they named the "flyer." It was a biplane that had a 12 horse power engine that they had built themselves. The wings were 40 feet wide, wooden, and covered with cotton cloth. The pilot would lie on the lower wing on his stomach and steer the plane. In 1908 the Wright Brothers finally made a plane that could fly for more than one and a half hours. Airplanes are now used for travel faster and easier.

But what if there were no airplanes? How would be in the world? I believe that if we didn’t have airplanes innocent lives would not have been taken away in plane crashes. Every year, plane crashes kill around 1,000 people. These accidents are caused by plane malfunctions and other incidents. We wouldn’t have wives crying, children without parents. We now have more safety tips and procedures to lessen the death toll. That means John F. Kennedy Jr. would have not been killed. He was the pilot of the plane that led to his death. If there were not planes, he could have been someone else and could have been able to run for office. He could have still been producing his popular magazine George and could have possibly been the best political magazine out there. His magazine flopped after his death. If airplanes were not invented, most travel would be by train, boat, or cars. Trips would take longer and that would lead to people not wanting to vacation that often. Businesses that need to travel very often would not have grown too much because they were unable to meet with as many clients. We would probably not have Expedia, Priceline, and other travel sites are as big as they are because people would rather stay home and not drive hours and hours or travel by boat for months. Since there would be fewer tourists in cities, there would also be much less traffic. Only people that are native to the city or live in surrounding areas would come and see tourist attractions. Most cities that make their economy on tourists would probably find another way to make a lot of money. Airplanes also transport resources around the world. We would not be able to send packages quickly to other...
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