“What Goes Around Comes Around”

Topics: Evil, Good and evil, Murder Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: January 16, 2013
“What goes around comes around”

If I said to you, “think about your childhood right now”. I bet most of the people will think of their families, their houses, or their “little boyfriends or girlfriends”, but perhaps one more thing they will think of, which is the fairy tales that they were once get so addicted to. For hundreds of years, people tell fair tales or bedtime stories to their children for variety of reasons, but for one main reason, is by telling these simple and sincere stories to make the innocent and pure children to satisfy their infinity imaginations about this mystery world or what they called the “magical land”. Meanwhile educating children that if you being nice to others and never want to harm anyone, just like Snow White, you will gain loyal friends like the dwarfs and the animals. And all the evil people will be hardly punish at the end because evilness never can beat goodness, then you will “live happily ever after in a huge castle”. To conclude this big idea, isn’t it what we nowadays say, “What goes around comes around”? However, do you ever notice that after you go to school, you will realize that the fairy tales are just childish; they always have the same ending and you wouldn’t believe they are true anymore. Then you come a feeling that suddenly what you believe in so deep before is actually a fake story. Why? Because that is why we call it “fairy tales”, they never uncover the cruel and the reality and all they did is to make you soak into this gorgeous imagination and fantasy. “ What goes around comes around” isn’t always true, just like those fairy tales; you never know when will the evil beats the goodness, but there is one thing that can be sure of, in a humongous world like this, virtue is not always guarantee to defeat wickedness. Flip open the daily newspaper today, you will discover that many unsolved drive-by shootings or murder cases are increasing. According to the...
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