What Gives Us More Pleasure and Satisfaction: the Pursuit of Desires or the Attainment of Them?

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What a common man strives for isn’t a promenade through life but true experience which will be perpetual. The thought to pacify life brings pleasure, pleasure provokes satisfaction and satisfaction drives desire and indeed desire keeps man alive. The basic thing that makes your life moving and on going is the pursuit of your desires. Without desires life is going to be stagnant. Desires give you a motivation force to do better and to strive for more. The journey to obtain a desire is going to be very complicated with full of hurdles in between but at the end of the day that journey is cherished more than the actual attainment of the desire. A conspicuous personality of the music industry is Dingo. Dingo started playing guitar at the age of 13 and then at age of 20 he was a well known musician of his time. Dingo together with his family was celebrating a birthday party but unfortunately the candle slipped and fell into a highly inflammable plastic furrows at home. In just a minute the whole house was set on fire. Dingo wasn’t burned to death but his left leg was amputated and three of his five fingers did not function. For a guitar player fingers are very important but Dingo was determined and his desire let him to work harder and harder and finally Dingo again became a professional and is treated as the pioneer of jazz. His desire gave him the strength to work harder and harder and he recalls that the journey of learning to play with two fingers gives him more satisfaction and happiness than the attainment of his desire. It is the pursuit of our desires that keep us alive. Everyday we wake up with a new desire, a new hope, a new wish in our minds and work our day out to attain it. The desire gives us a reason to live and a reason to strive for. Without desires, without their pursuit we will be like zombies, we will be lost searching for the reason to stay alive. National Institute of Mental Health: The 9.5% of the adult population that is nearly 18.8 million...
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