What Compounds Contain the Element Nitrogen

Topics: Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Cub Scout Pages: 2 (283 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Braves of Blackhawk Braving Script

December or January Pack Meetings and Troop Meetings

Pie (whipped cream and pie plate)prop tomahawk feather headdress Braves of BAC Patches Backdrop for sceneryGoggles
Rain Poncho or Garbage Bags Native American music

Characters / Participants:
Chief BlackhawkDrummer
“Pie in the Face” recipients Scouts to be Braved

**Groups of boys can be braved at once. Chief Blackhawk can tap each kneeling Scout on their shoulder with his tomahawk as he reads his part.

Drums Play
Chief Blackhawk: “Welcome Brothers and sisters, I am Chief Blackhawk of the Blackhawk Scout Tribe. We are gathered here today to pay special homage to those Cub Scouts (Boy Scouts) who took upon themselves to accept Blackhawks challenge. It is not an easy challenge, but those who were strong and able enough to sell $300 in popcorn will be braved tonight. “

(call up an individual or group of Scouts)

Chief Blackhawk: “Please kneel before me as I brave you.”

Place the tomahawk on the Scout’s shoulder

Chief Blackhawk: “You have successfully met the requirements to become eligible for braving and Chief Blackhawk would like to invite you to become a Brave to help protect and defend the Blackhawk Council Tribe. You have shown great credit upon yourself and your pack. You have worked hard and deserve the braving feather. Therefore I now call you a brave in the Blackhawk Council Tribe.

Chief Blackhawk: ”Please stand……Here is your Brave feather Popcorn patch. Wear it proudly.”

Chief Blackhawk: “Congratulations, let’s give (Scout’s name/these Scouts) a round of applause.”

Chief Blackhawk: ”At this time, let’s test their skills at protecting this tribe….. Let the braves throw the pies!”

Drums commence!
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