What Canada Means to Me

Topics: Atlantic Ocean, Prince Edward Island, Canada Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: June 2, 2012
What Canada Means to Me

To me Canada means freedom and home of the free. Canada is a non racist country where everyone is treated equally, women, men, boys, girls, adult or kid. None of it matters because we are all humans, who should be treated equally, no matter what size or colour. I am proud to be Canadian because of this and many other reasons.

Canada has four lovely seasons from the snowy winter to the blooming spring, to the long warm summer days, to the crisp colourful autumn. In the winter I love to play in the sparkling snow throwing snowballs, making forts and enjoying a warm hot chocolate when I come in. In the spring all of nature’s beauty will be popping out helping to make the world more beautiful. My gramma and I love to plant flowers and watch them grow. In the summer I go to exciting new camps and make lots of new friends. I also go up to the cottage every year in Bala, Ontario. The river that is in Bala is the Moon River. It is fun to go boating, tubing and water skiing on the shinning river. Just as the sun goes down, the Moon River supplies an amazing background for the spectacular sunset. In the fall the lush green leaves turn majestic reds, oranges, and yellows. Shortly after they all fall gracefully to the ground, the back breaking sport of leave raking begins. Once the piles have grown to their full size, it’s the kids turn! Time to jump in the leaves, screaming and laughing with leaves flying all around and then the piles are small again.

In past years, I have visited Prince Edward Island and its red as ruby sand beaches and grass as green as emeralds. While I was there my mom also took me to see Anne of Green Gables at Anne Land and to see Lucy Maud Montgomery’s house where she wrote the Anne books. She is a famous Canadian author. Another place in Canada I have visited is Alberta. In Alberta, there are gorgeous snow capped mountains, shiny silver glaciers, and national parks which offer people...
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