What Can Affect Attitude and Behavior?

Topics: Sociology, Human behavior, Psychology Pages: 6 (2152 words) Published: October 19, 2011
What can affect attitude and behavior?
I. Family life.
a. Divorce and attitude
b. Family values
c. Modeling adults
II. Friendships.
a. Friends and behavior.
b. Peer pressure.
c. Positive friendships.
III. Surroundings.
a. Home setting.
b. Importance of education.
c. Environment.
IV. Economic Status.
a. Career.
b. Poverty vs. Middleclass.
c. Improving your economic status.

A person’s attitude and behavior can be influenced and changed by family, friends, surroundings and economic status. Poverty has negative influences over attitude and behavior, a person's friends can have positive or negative influences over them, and family time and good values can improve attitude and behavior in children and adults. Interruption or disruption of the attachment structure by something such as divorce can affect a child’s behavior for the remainder of their life (Eagan, 2004). Harlow, Bowlby and Ainsworth developed what is called the attachment theory which states: “Attachment is a key aspect to determining personality and behavior throughout an individual’s lifetime” (Eagan, 2004). It is believed that a child that has endured a divorce usually has difficulty developing successful relationships later in life. They are thought to struggle with friendships as well as in romantic relationships. It is also believed that children of divorce also struggle with their own parent child relationship as they themselves become parents. Studies also indicate that adolescents of divorce often show poor school performance, behavior problems as well as low self-esteem. There seems to be greater incidences of early sexual activity, academic issues and delinquent behavior (United Families, 2008). Children react differently to divorce based on their gender as well as their culture. Various studies show that boys tend to have a more difficult time adjusting to a divorce which causes them to have more trouble in school by causing confrontations with their peers (United Families, 2008). It is important for a child, adolescent, and teen, and adults to associate with peers that have a positive attitude. If a child is taught family values and those values remain the same during hard times, a child is more likely to endure through those hard times and overcome their adversary. When family values are taught at a young age, as the child matures they are more likely to use these same values throughout school and later in their work ethic (Eagan, 2004). Although family values are essential in helping a young person to become a well-rounded and strong adult, it is just as important for adults to be a positive role model for their children (Adventures in Parenting, 2007). When a small child is asked what they want to be when they grow up, the answer is often “just like my daddy” or “just like my mommy”. Children learn just as much from your actions as they do from your words (Adventures in Parenting, 2007). If you tell your child to do something, make sure you are doing the same thing to set an example for them. On the same note, if you tell your child NOT to do something you should NOT do it also. It is important to be consistent so the child knows what is expected of them (Adventures in Parenting, 2007). Children learn gender roles and gender-related behaviors of their culture by observational learning (Theories of Gender, n.d.). This includes moral values as well as the rules of social behavior. Gender-segregated behavior could include things such as it is more acceptable for a boy to burp in public than it is for a girl to burp in public (Theories of Gender, n.d.). Boys and girls are treated differently in various ways. It is more likely that a boy will be taught to be rough and tough; whereas a girl will most likely be taught to be feminine and dainty. Peer pressure has a huge impact on the choices that adolescents make (Social Influence...
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