What's Waiting for Me at Chaminade

Topics: Education, 2008 singles, Teacher Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Thomas Murphy –
English 7/8
Mr. Hoey
What’s Waiting for me at Chaminade?
As I arrive at Chaminade High School every morning, I know that there is a wide variety of exciting activities, fantastic people including teachers and my classmates, and a great education waiting for me. Every day I go to Chaminade there are wonderful, intriguing activities that are waiting for me. For example, every Tuesday there are freshman intramurals, in which freshman homerooms compete against one another in sports such as soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and other wonderful games. Besides sports, I know there are other great activities at Chaminade such as clubs. Every day there are clubs in school just waiting for me such as the Social Studies Club, the Mixed Martial Club, the Catholic League Club, and other great clubs that can fit what anybody might be looking for. Also as I go to Chaminade every day there are fantastic people there that make my day a whole lot easier. I have met a lot more friends at Chaminade whether it’d be one of my classmates or even one of my teachers. The students at Chaminade are just like me, because it’s a big change and fresh start for each and every one of us. I have met a lot of friends here and I’m only in my freshman year. My teachers are also very relatable, considerate, and helpful in making me a better student. For example, there is extra help for me basically in all my classes if I ever need it. Finally, as I got to Chaminade every day there is an extraordinary opportunity of education just waiting for me at Chaminade. There is not 6 hours of homework every night so do not worry about that, and if you pay attention in school and present the right attitude you will have no problem excelling in this school. In conclusion, the things waiting for me at Chaminade are unbelievably helping me in not only becoming a better student and scholar but it also has helped me develop into a much better individual.
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