What's the Differances and Similarities Between Medea and Macbeth Plays?

Topics: Capitalism, Karl Marx, Marxism Pages: 7 (2577 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Cold War Aftermath

The productive capability that advanced society has achieved, enabling mankind to produce an abundance for everyone, is based upon social production on a highly industrialized level. This is a material condition that took a capitalist economic system to develop. It is a socially evolutionary stage succeeding feudalism, which supplanted ancient slavery, which displaced communal society, a primitive form of social production providing enough for everyone only when nature was generous. Unfortunately nature was unkind more often than not.

Evolution of production, occurring during the tumultuous succeeding stages of social systems, has wrenched mankind from an uncontrollable condition of scarcity to a conquest over the quirks of nature. This means that the level of a controllable means of production has been reached. Now it has the capability to produce an abundance for everyone regardless of nature's digressions. The catch here is that this wondrous economic potential is deliberately prevented from being implemented as will be demonstrated. 

The precarious mode of living during ancient times, comprising of individual hand wielded tools of production, has evolved into a secure productive capacity where the tool is socially wielded. It is a sophisticated tool combining several interrelated components. Its operation is conducted by a whole group of workers performing integrated tasks to produce a finished product. The whole cannot function without the part, nor the part without the whole. 

At this juncture, society is faced with the top priority challenge: How can everyone benefit from society's capability to produce an uninterrupted abundance? Capitalism has no answer for that question. The very existence of capitalism depends upon the private ownership of the socially operated means of production. The motive for capitalist production is first and foremost to reap a profit with workers receiving the small portion that is left. Dispense with the everyday argument of who deserves what share of the products produced for a moment and a clear view comes into focus revealing how monstrous this crime is: Every day, after huge profits are made, workers are barred from continuing production to satisfy their unmet needs. If they were able to punch the start button of production for even an extra half hour for their use an avalanche of products across the country would appear. Keep this up for a few days and the deplorable schools in all the run down neighborhoods could be replaced and all the children would be able to go to school well nourished. Many more hypothetical examples on overcoming want with plenty could be cited but the criminal capitalist system will hear none of that. It is compelled to persist in having human deprivation by placing profits before people.

Karl Marx observed the contradictions that accompany the advancement of capitalism. The preeminent contradiction he detected is private ownership of the socially operated means of production. All secondary contradictions emanate from that. They all translate into the countless ills that afflict society today. One of the economic laws of capitalism perceived by Marx is the falling rate of profit. This means that the more productive a unit of labor becomes, the more that profit returned to capital invested in it is diminished. The more that process intensifies from introductions of ever more increasingly efficient tools of production, the fiercer capitalist competition becomes. Nationally competing capitalist conglomerates have expanded internationally and now many have become global behemoths, conquering markets all over the world. The one huge national capitalist combine has finally breached the protective economic barriers of many foreign enterprises and staked major claims inside them, most notably in Japan. Obviously the identity of that nation is imperialist USA. 

The more that the efficiency of production increases, the more predatory...
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