Western Influences on Folk-Custom in Shanghai

Topics: Culture, China, Chinese language Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: October 23, 2008
Western Influences on Folk-custom in Shanghai
The change of Folk-custom is an important part of the change of society. As a metropolis in China, Shanghai combines her own features with many other country’s history and culture. As a result, the Folk-customs in Shanghai have changed a lot due to the impact of western culture. The influences on proprieties

As a traditional city in China, Shanghai paid much attention to the etiquette and custom when people met together in the old days. At that time, people must make a bow with hands folded in front, worship on bended knees or pay respects to the others according to their social status. Worship on bended knees is a posture to show compliment to others, in order to symbolize the rating of society. While people of the same generation always make a bow with hands folded in front. Besides, the titles of Milord, madam and panjandrum were popular used. Due to the impact of western culture, the proprieties in Shanghai have changed a lot. When people meet each other, they always shake hands or bow down, just like the westerners do. And they use “Mr.”,“Ms.” or “ lady” as the titles instead of the ones which have the strong character of rating. Bow, handshake, applause and the act of unbonneting have become the new proprieties which are received from western culture. This kind of change mainly originated from the spirit of equality of western culture. And the change reflects the equal relationship between the social members and reflects the advancement of the society.

The influences on consumption
The incursion of western capitalism and the development of the business bring about the dramatic changes to Shanghai. The western life style has a great effect on the consumption habit and leads to the variance of consumption in Shanghai. Horse race, boat race, tennis ball, football, Western-style food, beer, western mug-up and drink, park, concert, film and some other life styles are all leading to the change of consumption in...
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