Western Humanities Midterm Essay

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Western Humanities Midterm Essay

During the course I realized how large of a role art plays in helping create cultures and developing and preserving the history of civilizations. I find it interesting that when there’s no written history or any historical buildings, cultures will always make their own ancient past grander than what it really is. The Israelites, the Greeks and Romans all tell stories of their history that has no written proof. It seems that we as people want to have a connection to our roots and to understand where we come from. This is why I believe that most people want to believe in a higher power. I think that the timeline shows to some extent that art throughout history has been and still is the major form of expression. Art in many forms lasts centuries or millennia and it’s our way of connecting with past cultures. I miss that there wasn’t much written music or at least as far as we know. I would’ve liked to hear what kind of music and songs everyday people listened to a few thousand years ago. I feel that music is a window into the life and emotions of the times and we could have learned a lot about the various cultures. I liked how the Greeks and Romans valued education. Their government, standard of living and the way of life was quite similar to ours. Plato believed that in a perfect system of government everyone should be educated from birth as best as possible and I completely agree with this. According to Plato, we should have three classes of people, the ruling class, the military and the working citizens. Although we have different classes in our society today, the distinction is not so large that we would be forced to stay in a certain class. Fortunately, most classes as Plato thought of are chosen occupations today. It’s interesting that during the dark ages when Christianity was just establishing its power, people lacked education the most. I believe that the lack of education is what also led to not much artistic and...
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