Were the Romans Civilised

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Slavery Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: October 16, 2010
Essay-how civilised were the Romans.

This essay is about if the Romans were civilised or not. Civilised means to have a good culture and education, to treat people with respect, being tolerant-not violent. It also means to have rules, help others, be clean, be organised and being polite.

The Romans were civilised in war because of the following answers, when they fought they had superior equipment, they had been well trained by a professional, they took advantage of their terrain and they were organised.

The Romans were civilised in many things, they included: central heating, roads, surgery, medicine laws, religions, reading, writing, numbers, and baths and toilets.

They also created the first type of baths and toilets. They have involved a lot over the years, for example: everyone has a bath and a toilet in there homes now (maybe even two), where as in the roman times it was considered very civilised to have a bath and a toilet complex in each neighbour hood. Now, people would call that uncivilised.

They were also civilised when it came to roads. They invented the first kinds of roads. They made sure all the roads were straight so that it was quicker to get from place to place. They have changed over the years.

There numbers system was also very civilised. It was called roman numerals and it involved turning numbers into letters. For example: M was 1,000, D was 500, C was 100, L was 50, X was 10, V was 5 and I was 1. So, 2009 would be MMIX. Roman numerals have changed so much over the years they are now what we use today.

The Romans were uncivilised when it came to living. The rich Romans lived a luxurious life living in a in a big house. They had slaves to accomplish all of there needs. On the other hand, the slaves were all crammed into one room for the night. They were not treating them fairly.

The Romans had a great way of entertainment, however, it was considered uncivilised because it threatened some people with possible...
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