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Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Family Pages: 7 (2640 words) Published: December 23, 2012
An Explanation of The Increase of Divorce Rate in Recent Years

Đoàn Thị Hồng Nhung
Ho Chi Minh City of University of Foreign Language and Information Technology KS0904

Lecturer: Vũ Thị Lan
November 2012

“Marriage halves our griefs, doubles our joys, and quadruples our expenses” says a well-known proverb. A married life provides emotional support and intimacy each other. You have someone to share life's challenges, rewards and sorrows with, a person who actually knows what you are going through and feels the same way too. Marriage also helps you be disciplined in your finances and time and creates a warm and secure home for children. Those are some obvious advantages which a person going to get married usually imagines. It is because a typical marriage always starts on a happy note. Both couples are falling in love to each other and the early marriage life is really beautiful. They feel that they are really blessed because they have found a partner for life. This scenario happens repetitively, but unfortunately it also can potentially end in a disaster. Many couples experience negative changes in their marriages after several years. Their happy early marriage lives are replaced by many arguments and fights. Each couple cannot stand each other anymore and they cannot stay under the same roof with arguing to each other. In the end, they feel that the situation has become unbearable and they decide to go for a divorce which is one of the solutions to cope with problems between husband and wife.

The number of divorcing couples has been multiplying dramatically nowadays because of so many different reasons. It has changed not only the structure of the family but also the society and gives many impacts on these elements. That is the reason why I choose this topic to give some explanations about the increase of the divorce rates in recent years. It will help the young people have a realistic view of married life in order to be able to avoid some mistakes which might destroy their happy lives with their spouses in the future.

The goal of this study is to understand the causes and the effects of high divorce rates in order to maintain a happy married life.

The significance of this study explores three questions:

1. What are the differences in marriage between older generations and younger generations?

2. Why do married couples easily consider a divorce nowadays?

3. How does the increase of the divorce rates affect family life and society?

My study is a secondary research paper. After collecting information from many sources, the paper is divided into three sections. Firstly is the overview of marriage in older society and new society. The second part is to clarify the reasons why the divorce rates are so much higher in recent years. The final part is the main effects of the recent increase of the divorce rates on home life and society.

First of all, I want to discuss our older generations’ viewpoints of marriage. As what I read on the internet, today's society is not the same as the older generations. For the past centuries people married because they could survive better economically. They shared their money and had children who looked after them when they got old. Men went to work while women cared for the children and did the cooking (“Is marriage becoming old-fashioned,” n.d.). Moreover, Heller (2009, para. 2) stated that our older generations can be considered more successful when it comes to a marriage. They married only once and they stayed together through good and bad times. Of course they also faced problems in their marriage life, but they worked hand in hand with their spouse to solve those problems. It is such an unfortunate that people have left this beautiful culture behind.

These days, people do not think highly of a marriage. They don't care much about the vows that they have said in...
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