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Keep in mind that few companies have peers that are exactly parallel.

Standard &Poor’s has sub- industry reports with close competitors. Many brokers provide S&P reports.

Smart Money -
• In Search drop down choose Competition
• Enter ticker click →

They list several competitors and 25 competitive analyses for each stock. You can see these analyses on the chart by using the “Rank by” drop down menu.

Reuters –
• Enter ticker click GO
• Look just under the price quote for Industry
• Click industry name – this shows a few companies based on 5 rankings • Click Company Ranks (navigation bar on left) to see full list w/ranks • Click Show all then sort by the different columns

To see a company compared to its industry, sector & S&P 500:
• Enter the ticker symbol click GO
• Scroll down navigation bar to Finances
• Click Ratios

Yahoo -
• Enter ticker click GO
• Scroll down navigation bar on left to Company
• Click competitor for more info
• Click Industry (in chart)
• Scroll down look at Company VS Industry leader
• Click just above chart for 15 different rankings

Morningstar- Need to register
• Enter ticker, click quotes & reports
• Click snap shot (top of navigation bar on left)
• Click Industry peers (folder across top)


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