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Topics: Learning, Layer, Human brain Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: January 8, 2008
When I first read in the syllabus that one of our final papers would be a web analysis, I found the notion intimidating. I love knowledge and learning, I love finding out more about the world, and in this case, the brain, but I find the Internet overwhelming. The vastness and variety of information in the cyber world is daunting, and though, I like to think of myself as computer-savvy, let's face it – I can't possibly keep up with the skills of my students when it comes to exploring the Internet and using computers effectively. Rather than overwhelmed by the options, I am feeling energized by the possibilities. Things like webcasts, podcasts, chat rooms, listservs, animations, and MP3s still escape my feeble computer understanding, but the information that I discovered on two of the websites that I explored encourages me to use the Internet more. Both of the sites that I explored confirmed the ideas raised in this course and expanded on the topics Sousa covers in How the Brain Learns. is subtitled "Practical Classroom Applications of Current Brain Research" and is presented by Dr. Kathie Nunley, a consultant with a program called Layered Curriculum. Her Layered Curriculum sounds very similar to the system being used to evaluate students for this course. The layers are set up by the letter grade. To earn a C, certain expectations must be met, to earn a B additional expectations must be met, and to earn an A, still other criteria must be met. The assignments increase in complexity, not just in difficulty, as the level progresses. This is a very interesting premise, especially for a high school classroom, where students often are grade-mongers. Each layer expands in complexity using Bloom's Taxonomy and every layer includes assignments that integrate the arts into the curriculum and incorporate hands-on activities for the right brain. Brain Connection is a website created by the Scientific Learning Corporation, a company whose mission is to...
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