Wealth Does Not Bring Happiness?

Topics: Poverty, Personal life, 2002 albums Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Wealth does not bring happiness

True or false?

Nowadays happiness is a very popular word but each of us can define "happiness" differently. Some people argue that without wealth you can not be happy. Which one, of us, hasn’t dreamed of “money piles”, beautiful houses, cars and other things like that? But if we could somehow get all this, would we really want it? Can we then finally be happy? It is undoubtedly true, that people with money have beautiful things and they are usually admired, because everyone would like to be at their place. In addition those people don’t have to work or worry about material matters like most people. They have a lot of free time and they can enjoy luxury. If you have wealth you can buy every material thing what you want and do not afraid of how much it costs. You can realize your dreams. For example - to travel around the world. Finally you can help other people who are sick and give them happiness. On the other hand rich people might become mean and selfish, they can often feel that they’re special and better than all other people. And that’s why other people do not want to spent time with them - they feel uncomfortable. Very often rich people die alone, without family and friends. Also, they can always think about their money, be afraid of their theft and live in effort every day. Moreover sometimes they start wasting their money and end up being broken up or just look like fools, who don’t know the worth of money. To sum up, I think that wealth does not bring happiness. We can be poor, but happy. In my opinion family, health, love, friends and piece are the most important things. Even million dollars will not replace them.
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