We Read to Train the Mind; to Fill the Mind; to Rest the Mind; to Recreate the Mind, or to Escape the Mind. What Is Essential for You in Reading? What Is Your Idea of a Private Collection of Books?

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We read to train the mind; to fill the mind; to rest the mind; to recreate the mind, or to escape the mind. What is essential for you in reading? What is your idea of a private collection of books? "Reading" is an ability to perceive, understand the information, written down (transferred) by that or otherwise. There are two ways of reading: fluent and careful.

To read fluently it to be able to be run by eyes under the text and to understand a plot essence. Careful it means to read the text completely without passing lines, remembering all heroes and all details of a plot. There is such expression: «People cease to think, when stop to read» Without reading the person does not expand the stock of knowledge and does not load a brain how it would be necessary. All thanks to that the book trains in "culture of mind», forces more deeply to think, trains attention, fills memory and disciplines mind. At the person who is not accustomed to read, a restricted small lexicon, and in conversation hesitation words, like "well" slip, "it", "here" etc. And, reading, the person becomes more competent, after all it unconsciously remembers a true writing of words and their use in the offer. There are some reasons of why so it is important to read books: 1. Reading develops speech of the person and increases its lexicon. Also reading of books learns people to formulate the thoughts and to comprehend sense told by other people. 2. Thanks to reading the thinking develops. The book explains and shows life, and still helps to notice communication of one phenomenon with another. 3. Reading develops and expands an outlook. From books the person can learn about other countries and other way of life, about the technician, the nature and about everything that you interests. 4. Also work with the book stimulates imagination, creative imagination and learns to think in the images. 5. Books help to understand other people.

6. Books help the person to learn themselves. In particular...
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