Ways to Eliminate Violence Against Women

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Ways to eliminate violence against women
How to stop violence being committed on pretext of alleged witchcraft practice: This sort of violence is visible only in tribal belts of eastern India. There is a need for stringent action against the culprits. Action need to be taken in all the cases. Science has made so much advancement and still people believe in such nonsense things like witchcraft. Illiteracy and blind following of religion are the main root causes of problem. Police always becomes mute spectator in such cases and does not take action for fear of local disturbances and people protest. Politics also plays its role and government representatives never raise voice against such incidences for the fear of losing its vote bank.

How to stop violence committed in forms of customs like "Sati" and "Devdasi"?

Incidences like “Sati” have considerable reduced due to public awareness but more action is needed in form of public protest against the "Devdasi" custom. This form of violence may be stopped by exposing the truth behind this custom. Laws need to be formulated to stop this practice.

How to stop "Dowry" deaths?

This is the most serious problem prevalent in different parts of the country. Constitutional provisions already exist to prevent dowry deaths but there is no stoppage to occurrences of this problem. Inter-caste marriages, love-marriages, increased education and employment to girls may help to a limited extent to eliminate this form of violence against women. Decrease in female population in India is indirect effect of dowry system. Parents

Prefer to have male child for fear of paying dowry and facing difficulties in getting their girls married. Marriage of girls

How to stop the rape cases: As I said earlier, stringent action need to be taken against the culprits. Brave campaign by women organizations in India compelled Govt. to amend laws time and again. Recently Indian Government has decided to clear a package of amendments to the code of criminal procedure towards making the law relating to rape more regressive and responsive to the needs of victims. The proposal includes the provisions for speedy trials, recording the statements of the victims at places of their choice, investigation of cases by women police officers and hearing of cases in most probability by women judges. These amendments will help reducing the mental agony of rape victims.

Empowerment of women

Since Indian society is male dominated society, empowerment of women does not seem an effective solution of this problem. Results of providing representation to women in local governing bodies did not appear fruitful. However, reservation to women in education and jobs may be more effective then their direct participation in policy making. Women in India at this juncture don't have capabilities to provide women a safe heaven as mostly their decision making is influenced by males. However, providing women adequate representation in parliament and other executive bodies may help them in future in making policies oriented toward women.


Indian women can approach the following organizations for help:

1. National Commission for Women

4, Deen Dayal Upadhayaya Marg,

New Delhi- 110 002.


91-11-23236988 Fax: 91-11-23236154 Complaints Cell: 91-11-23219750

Email: ncw@nic.in

Complaints can be made online by login to website


1. Andhra Pradesh State Commission for Women
2nd Floor, Budha Bhavan (Near Boats Club)
Secunderabad - 500003
Chairperson: Ms. Susheela Devi
Ph.: 040-7542071, 7660196
2. Assam State Commission for Women
Bal Bhavan, Uzan Bazar,
Guwahati - 781001
Chairperson: Ms. Basanti Sharma
Ph.: 0361-2524875
3. Bihar State Commission for Women
11 South Beily Road,
Patna, Bihar...
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