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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Natasha Reid- Humanities
Maude Barlow Water Crisis Speech Summary.
On wednesday as the rest of our Humanities class, I had the pleasure of listening to author Maude Barlow, he passion about the water crisis was inspiring. We do not take into consideration how sacred water is. As mentioned in the speech, Northern China is already low on water supply and in time may have to relocate in order to gain the supply they need. A fact that caught my attention particularly was how the water bottle industry is a 100 billion dollar industry. Goes to show how we don't take into consideration reusable water bottles and how beneficial they are for the environment. We over consume what is easiest for us to attain. The reoccurring question about whether water was a commodity or a common struck me as very important, because to me water is definitely a common, as said by Maude, water should be a free and a right for humans. We need to be aware of the dynamics around water of which we take for granted. With the growing population and consumerism, more water and the disposition of it. She mentioned how the rise of the oceans are not all about global warming, although it is a large contributing factor, but another contributing part is the displacement of land based waters into oceans. It took 20 years for the United Nations to recognize that water is a human right. No one owns water. It is a human right.
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