Wasteland Speech and Siberia

Topics: Siberia, Wasteland Speech, Russia Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Olga Prisich
Informative Speech
Siberia: breaking stereotypes.
Thesis statement: Today we will explore the fact about Siberia: its role in the history of Russia as a penal colony, weather conditions, infrastructure, and population. Introduction:
For me it has always been interesting to know what people think when I mention the name of a place I came from, “Siberia”. Usually, “Siberia” invokes mental images of a vast wasteland, extreme cold and ice fields. It is extremely difficult to get there. “Siberia” invokes mental images of people living without any sign of modern facilities. “Siberia” invokes mental images of a place of imprisonment and exile. Today I invite everyone to take a closer look at this mysterious part of Russia and see what is true and what is not about Siberia. We will explore the facts about its role in the history of Russia as a penal colony, weather conditions, infrastructure, and population.

I.Today there is no such penalty as exile in Siberia, but there used to be in the past. A. There were two main reasons for using Siberia as one huge prison. 1. Impossible to escape: killing frosts, deep forests and wild animals. 2. The need to develop Siberian mines and build the roads.

B. These exiles helped to transform Siberia itself.
1. About a third of exiles were allowed to settle free with their families. 2. Exiles stimulated economic development: they were encouraged to invest in trade, build up defenses, and make a footprint for government. 3. Among exiles there were many educated people, scientists, artists, writers and poets who glorified Siberia. II.In reality there is much more to Siberian climate than extreme cold. A.It is true that winter is the longest season in Siberia’s climate. 1. Average January temperature

2. A layer of snow remains on the ground for at least six months. 3. Siberia is a great place for winter sports.
B. Summer in Siberia is a warm and very pleasant time of year. 1. Average July temperatures...
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